E14 LED Bulbs - 240v

LED retrofit lamp suitable for commercial and residential applications. Replaces CFL and incandescent. Suitable for indoor use throughout your home as well as resturants, hotels and many other commercial settings.

Product Benefits:

* Warm pleasant white light
* Energy efficient, up to 75% energy savings
* High light output
* Lasts up to 25 times longer than a comparible incandescent
* Contains no mercury or lead



LED Parameter    

* Power: 2.4W
* Rated current: 300mA
* Rated voltage: 8-11V
* Warm white CT: 2850-3050K
* Pure white CT: 5300-5700K
* Quantity of LED: 3PCS

Power Source Parameter

* Input voltage: AC85-265V
* Frequency Range: 50/60HZ
* Max input power: 3W
* Power factor: 0.6
* Certificates: CE,ROHS
* Life span: 20000-30000H

Technical Parameter

* LED consumption: 2.4W
* System consumption: 0.6W
* IP Grade: IP60
* Working life span: 50000H