Energy-efficient Appliances

Appliances can account for up to 30 per cent of your home energy use. As our reliance on appliances increases and energy prices are also on the rise, choosing energy-efficient appliances becomes more important. Also, the national standards for energy efficiency are improving the environmental performance of appliances all the time, so upgrading to a more efficient appliance can save you energy and money and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s not only about having the right product—how you use appliances in your home can make a big difference. For example washing your clothes with cold water can save up to 10 times more energy than a warm wash.

Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

When you replace an existing product, think about buying an energy-efficient appliance that is right for your needs.

The running costs of your appliance can add up to more than the purchase price and will impact on your electricity bill for years to come. Considering energy use in addition to purchase price and product features will save you money and energy as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions over time. A lot of new appliances and some electronic equipment have Energy Rating Labels to help you with this.

Using & Maintaining Your Appliances

You can save money and reduce energy use by buying the right appliance for your needs and using it efficiently. The position of the appliance, how you operate it and how you maintain it all affect how much energy is used - for example, placing your refrigerator next to your oven will make it work harder to keep your food cold. Leaving appliances on standby unnecessarily will also waste energy.

Disposing of Used Appliances

Think about how you will dispose of your appliance whether you're updating or it's at the end of its life. Good working appliances can be re-used so contact your local charitable organisation for more information. Contact your local council for the best way to dispose of used appliances. Some companies offer a pick-up and recycling service to remove unwanted appliances.