Energy Efficient Building Materials

Energy is so much a part of life that we often use it without thinking, especially when it’s in the form of electricity.
However, energy efficiency is not only about the energy produced by burning fossil fuels and the like. Sustainable energy efficiency includes making better use of these finite, non-renewable natural resources, like solar energy; and includes incorporating the principles of passive solar design in our buildings.

With the new regulations on energy efficient buildings will be in effect by 2012, the imperative requirements for ecologically aware building and design have become more than a moral issue. Worldwide, the issue of energy saving is top-of-mind and in many countries a norm that has been practiced and perfected for some years.

It is often assumed that energy efficiency is concerned with only the insulation of the roof or ceiling of a building. Energy efficiency measures include many other components like cavity walls, glazing, natural ventilation, flooring, lighting, appliances and so on to maintain natural comfort and reduced energy use inside the building or home.

With this in mind we have opened a new outlet ‘The Insulation Shop’ in Commercial Park North Riding where we could encompass polystyrene infill in brick cavity walls, insulation in suspended floors, roofing and ceilings and drywall partitioning, all of these disciplines require some form of insulation which will be specified by our in-house Green star Accredited Professional Architect.

  • Insulation materials specified to suit your home to meet with the new legal requirements
  • Our professional audit will assist the architect in getting a speedy plan approval
  • All insulation materials supplied at a wholesale price to the owner or builder