Green Business

Achieving significant energy savings at schools, factories and hotels through the comprehensive analysis of current energy use practises, and the implementation of modern technologies and processes. The commercial sector is considerably more heterogeneous than residential buildings, encompassing hospitals, schools, offices, houses of worship, lodging, and the retail sector with its big box stores, enclosed malls, strip malls, grocery stores and fast food and sit-down restaurants. Each of these commercial sub-sectors is unique in its market structure, energy use, and energy intensity, and in the set of decision makers involved in design and construction projects.9 The two largest energy-using sectors are offices and retail.


We can significantly reduce your energy consumption through the following services:

  • Redesign of energy consumption patterns to minimise Eskom electricity tariffs.
  • Full baseline assessment/auditing of energy consuming activities and services.
  • Industrial process optimisation and integration for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Design and financial modelling of new, efficient lighting systems.
  • Design and financial modelling of new, efficient water heating systems, including bulk hot water systems using the best available heat-pump technologies.
  • Analysis of air-conditioning systems using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.