Solar Heat Pumps

How a Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps use the reverse cycle of a refrigeration plant to heat water. In effect, it transfers heat from a source such as air or water to the water which is to be heated. As in other refrigeration equipment, the heat pump system employs an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, refrigerant gas, and an expansion valve within a closed circuit.

Latent heat is given off when the refrigerant gas is liquefied through the condenser and transferred to the surrounding water together with further “sensible” heat loss, effectively raising the temperature of water to a higher temperature.

Internal Workings of a Heat Pump

How a Heat Pump is connected to your existing geyser


How a Heat Pump is connected to your property


Why a Heat Pump?


A traditional element geyser uses three units of electrical energy to produce three units of heat energy, a heat pump converts just one unit of electrical energy into three units of heat energy - hence a saving of up to 75%.

What are the Advantages of Heat Pumps over Solar Collectors?

The main advantages of a heat pump are the ability to re-heat a geyser a few times per day and that it can work day and night, rain or shine. A solar system will only save you more money if its capacity exceeded its demand which is highly dependent on the usage pattern.

The Eskom rebate of between R3668 and R4320 depending on geyser size, is taken directly off your quote no waiting for repayments, where Solar you will have to wait up to 8 weeks for your repayment.

How long does a Heat Pump take to heat water?

An 4.7kW heat pump will heat the water slightly faster than a 4kW electrical element typically found in 200L geysers. The heat pump produces 4.7kW of thermal energy under specified conditions while using as little as 1.2kW to do so.

Does a Heat Pump Need Maintenance?

Our heat pumps range requires virtually no maintenance of the system except for making sure the evaporator is clean from dirt and leaves. We do however recommend that the system be checked annually to ensure that you are getting the best possible efficiency out of the system. We have a monthly eminence plan called Heat Sure which also extends our product warranty to 5 years. Our Heat Pumps should last for up to 10 years.

How much will I save?

A typical family of 4 that uses water very conservately uses about R500 of electricity per month to heat water. Installing a heat pump will guarantee you a instant saving of about R350 per month which means the machine will pay for itself in less than 3 years.