Solar Power Kits

Which components make up a fully functional Solar Power System?

A typical residential solar power kit will be made up of the following essential components:

  • Solar Power Panels
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Power Storage Battery
  • Solar Inverter

Why purchase a full solar power kit instead of individual components?

Purchasing a solar power kit has its advantages:

Firstly, you no longer have to do the extensive research that goes in to figuring out which solar power battery goes with which solar power panel. We have done all the hard work for you and combined the necessary components for fully functional solar power kits that can provide solar power to your house, regardless of how big or small it is or how many solar power lights it has.

Another great advantage of purchasing one of our solar power kits is that you will save on the overall solar power system cost. Due to the fact that the various components are put together and therefore purchased in bulk, we are able to reduce the cost of shipping and logistics, and therefore reduce the overall cost of the solar power kit.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t let the seemingly intimidating process of buying and installing a solar power system in your house deter you from saving money in the long term and reducing your carbon footprint. Our solar power kits are ready to buy and install in your home without any fuss.

If you are unsure which solar power kit is the perfect fit for your home then check out our Solar Power Buyer's Guide which should answer any questions you have. Alternatively, do not hesitate to contact us so that one of our solar power experts can assist you with your path to a greener home.