Water Saving Products

Water Conservation

Water conservation is particularly important in South Africa, where not everyone has easy access to clean drinking water and where the installation of one tap in an informal settlement is considered an achievement. Part of the battle to provide clean drinking water for all South African citizens is to balance the needs for sustainable and responsible water use with the needs of a growing urban population and the pressures on existing water systems.

Savenergy.co.za stocks a range of products and equipment to aid residential and commercial efforts to conserve water. From water conserving shower heads and low-flush toilet products to organic composters and garden/agriculture products that lend to the natural conservation of water, we have the products and equipment necessary to make conserving water as easy as possible.

Repairing leaking taps and pipes is one of the easiest methods to conserve water in and around the home, another water conservation tip is to teach children to switch off taps when they brush their teeth or wash their faces. By educating kids about the importance of water conservation early on you can create water saving advocates for the future.

For more advice on water conservation products, and tips on ways to conserve water in your household, contact savenergy.co.za. We are a treasure trove of little known water conservation facts and have all the equipment necessary for you to implement easy conservation measures at home, in your garden and even at work.

Water Efficiency in the Home

Water is something we need every day in our lives. It’s also a valuable resource that we should never waste. Avoiding waste means being aware of how we use water and taking advantage of water-efficient appliances and fixtures.

You can take action to use water wisely at home whether you’re buying, selling or renovating, and especially when building or renovating. The decisions you make will affect your water usage for many years to come.

What is water Efficiency

Water efficiency in the home means using less water to provide the same level of service or to get the same result.

Water efficiency can be achieved by using improved technology, for example water-efficient appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Water-efficient models will get your clothes and dishes just as clean - they’ll just use less water doing it. Fixtures which allow us to use less water to get a job done effectively are also known as being water efficient, for example water-efficient showerheads, taps and toilets.

If you use less water that’s been heated, you’ll be saving energy as well as water.

Using Water Wisely

Installing water-efficient appliances and fixtures is a great way to start saving water, but the way you live and use water at home also makes a big difference. The benefit of installing a water-efficient showerhead is greatly reduced if you’re going to take 15 minute showers. Using water from your rainwater tank to hose down your garden path is still a waste of water.

There are many actions you can take to use water efficiently, both inside and outside your home.